The Fluency Enhancer

The Fluency EnhancerThe Fluency Enhancer contains electronic biofeedback circuits that profoundly affect the speech of individuals who stutter. For those who qualify, there is an instantaneous and complete fluency.

The Enhancer automatically reconditions speech. Used in conjunction with a protocol specifically developed for it by The National Center For Stuttering, the student is led through a sequence of self-administered procedures that eliminate both stuttering and scanning ahead for feared sounds, words, and speaking situations.

The process is accomplished without the need to wear the Enhancer in public - thus issues of size and appearance become unimportant. As a result, costs can be kept to a fraction of comparable fluency-enhancing devices. Additionally, as a result of combining a device with a special-purpose protocol, the average user can be weaned off the Enhancer in 3 - 5 months.

Since it is the first and only completely integrated program, it works where others have failed. It is for this reason that the Enhancer is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as effective and safe for the treatment of stuttering.

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