"Wouldn't it be amazing if this thing really worked? That was the question that crossed my mind as I opened the box that contained the Fluency Enhancer. Little did I know how quickly it would be answered. In less than a minute, I talked without stuttering.

Let me be be frank. The sound of my voice, when I first started using the Enhancer, was really strange. It was not like anything I expected. Now, after a week, I'm used to it. My speech is smooth. I sense a relaxation in my neck. And most important, I'm able to speak without stuttering and I don't fear speaking any more.

I use the Enhancer about three hours a day. I wear it mostly at home, using the big headset. I plan on using the small earbud at work. I'll demonstrate it to a couple of my friends as you suggested. I guess if you have something that works, being up front about it is the way to go.

I also like the idea that with the other things you taught me, I'll eventually be able to go off it. That appeals to me the most.

Thanks and I'll keep you posted."

Philadelphia, PA

"I'm 20 years old and am attending college in Ohio. In addition, I work part-time at a Wal-Mart. I started stuttering when I was 5 and never stopped. I stuttered with hard blocks and rarely spoke a complete sentence without stuttering. At times, stuttering made my life unbearable. I used to avoid my friends just so I wouldn't have to talk. Since I got the FE I look forward to speaking in social situations. I try to use the phone whenever I can and never avoid it. I usually wear the FE to work and class so I can maintain fluency. Usually I am a disaster when I give speeches in class; now with the FE I gave a flawless 5-minute speech and many of my classmates said that my speech sounded better than theirs. I truly believe this machine will mark a turning point in my life. I encourage anyone that stutters to try it."

Dayton, OH

"My 12 year-old put the headset on and was immediately fluent. I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but we can't tell you how incredulous we were. To hear him fluent for the first time in a long time was quite something for all of us."

Orlando, FL

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