How It works

There are two sources of stress that contribute to stuttering. The first, anticipatory stress, involves the mental habit of looking ahead for feared sounds, words and speaking situations. It also involves the belief that speaking, in general, is difficult. The second, speed stress, is caused by speaking at a rate beyond one’s inherited neuro-muscular capacity.

The Fluency Enhancer has circuitry that shifts an individual’s speech frequencies and delays them a fraction of a second.

In the frequency-shift mode, as the individual speaks, they hear themselves through earphones, but at a lower pitch. It is as if a person with a deep voice were accompanying them. This simulates choral speaking and research has shown that choral speaking is the most powerful enhancer of fluency because it eliminates anticipatory stress.

In the delay mode, a time lag is created between the position of the articulators (lips, tongue, jaw, palate, etc.) and what the person hears while speaking. This causes the brain to slow the rate of speech. Known as Delayed Auditory Feedback, it enhances fluency by reducing speed stress.

The Fluency Enhancer provides the immediate fluency that patients want while setting the stage for learning the Airflow Method. Think of the Fluency Enhancer as a powerful and proven assist that speeds the process of becoming fluent by facilitating the ease of learning. As a result, the Fluency Enhancer need not be used in public.*

*A Bluetooth option is available for those wishing to use the Enhancer in public.

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