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CONSUMER ALERT: Your speech is a SERIOUS matter! Be wary of corporations trying to sell inferior "standalone" devices that offer no protocol, no guarantees, and that have neither approval from the FDA nor any organization dedicated to the treatment of stuttering. The Fluency Enhancer Program is the ONLY one of its kind. Review the chart below to understand how we "compare" with less effective devices and "services"...

is FDA registered

are NOT approved by ANY government agency.

offers FREE, no-risk 7 day trial.

make no such offer.

gives FULL money back guarantee if not satisfied within first 30 days.

offer a partial money back guarantee.

is supported by The National Center For Stuttering

are supported only by corporate entities with no history of helping stutterers.

offers installment plans available for payment.

offer NO installment plans whatsoever.

is often covered by medical insurance.

are rarely covered by medical insurance.

provides phone numbers of other long-term users who have OVERCOME stuttering so you can contact them directly.

provide only vague e-quotations and written "testimonials" of partial successes.

provides all clients with 6 months worth of one-on-one telephone support with fluency counselors.

provide only limited "technical" support and vague guidance.

provides a device that functions as part of a PROGRAM designed to eliminate the need for that device--so that patients can learn to speak freely on their own... in ALL situations.

admit that their devices are the only ingredient of fluency enjoyed by clients. No device=No fluency.

provides permanent results due to the integration of a full and PROVEN protocol for fluency.

admit to temporary/varying results.

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©2003-2006, National Center For Stuttering. Equipment is FDA registered for the treatment of stuttering. Program purchasers are provided with a Fluency Enhancer, Motivaider, 2 headsets, an assignment manual, access to a user's support group, and 6 months worth of telephone support and counseling. Package may be returned within 30 days for a full refund if not entirely satisfied. Service is available worldwide. Health insurance coverage may vary.